Thank you so much, Lenka, for these beautiful photographs!! I just want to cry from how great they are. It’s not going to be a matter of figuring what I’m ordering, but of what I can bear to leave behind. Thanks again for capturing such great photos of us!

~ Kim

Lenka, you are amazing! I’m in tears over all of them.. so that’s all I can say right now. and THANK YOU!!!!

~ Lisa

My favorite part about working with Lenka was her pleasant personality, flexibility and creativity. I love her outdoor settings and vibrant colors in photos. I am glad I made the investment of a custom photography because I will always cherish these gorgeous photos. I believe that you will be delighted with Lenka’s services. 

~ Marzi

The first reason I chose LHP is because I love Lenka! And so do my children. That gave me assurance that we would all feel comfortable with her. But aside from that, her style and aesthetic really speaks to me: her affinity for bright colors and settings that are both natural and infused with character. The only concerns I had before our photo shoot had nothing to do with Lenka but rather with us as the subjects. We had two dogs and two cats with four people, two of whom were children. It was a recipe for potential frustration. Lenka is a professional, though, evidently with animals as well as people. She knew how to get the attention of the animals, she worked quickly – and she got the shots! They are stunning! My favorite part of working with Lenka is that we had so much fun! We were all relaxed and laughed & joked together, which was conducive to capturing natural expressions on everyone, even the animals. I have recommended Lenka many times and I always tell people that they can’t go wrong hiring her. She makes the photo shoot enjoyable and has a gifted eye for the shot.


After searching online, I found Lenka and loved her pictures- her poses and props are great. She is such a warm and beautiful person, she immediately feels like a part of the family and we loved just being around her. Her smile just lights up the room and she makes the children feel very comfortable. You will love her, she is great and pics are beautiful !!!!


Lenka was recommended to us from another professional photographer. We were doing a family shoot that involved both my family and my husbands family.  I was concerned about having young babies and also divorced in laws.  I felt better after discussing the details of our family with Lenka and that it was nothing she had not already dealt with before. Lenka’s energy keeps my family’s interest and makes it an enjoyable experience.  She is not an annoying photographer at all which keeps me coming back to her.  I do not have enough wall space for all the photos that I love from her shoots. She is an active, energetic photographer who makes the shoot a fun experience. It is very clear that she loves what she does and also creates unique, gorgeous photos. 


I chose Lenka Hattaway Photography because I saw the photos that she had done for friends and I loved her style.  She has this way of really bringing out the inner light and beauty of the people she photographs. My favorite part of working with Lenka is how upbeat and positive she is.  She quickly puts everyone at ease while also clearly directing the session in order to get the best shots.  I’ve recommended Lenka to lots of friends.  I tell them that she is warm, friendly and so easy to work with.   The beauty of her photographs really speak more than anything else, though. 


Lenka did the individual and group class photos for our daughter’s school and we were totally wowed! We never expected such quality photos for a school picture. She has a great command of light and really knew how to capture the personality of each child. When it came time for a family photo Lenka was the first name on our list. Lenka is casual and fun. We have 3 children aged 10-22 and they all enjoyed the experience. That says something in itself as most kids get antsy quickly. Lenka found a great staging area for outdoor photos and made the whole shoot feel casual and relaxed. There are lots of options out there when you decide to have photos made and everyone has an idea about how they’d like to be portrayed. That’s a given as we’ve all grown up with the iconic Olan Mills style portraits that show families posed before rustic backdrops like mannequins in brightly lit rooms. Arm on a pho wooden fence anyone? If you’re ready to break out of that mold and more real, and a little candid you couldn’t make better choice than Lenka Hattaway!

~Greg & Esther

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