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Lenka meet

Hi! I’m Lenka Hattaway, and I’m a portrait photographer based in beautiful Asheville, NC. My speciality is photographing families as they grow and change, including maternity, newborn, children, baby and family portraits.

For me, family and photos go hand-in-hand.

In fact, my own family is the whole reason for my photography obsession. I was moved to learn photography after my first daughter was born. I was so smitten that I was determined to capture all of her little moments and details! I also live far away from my own parents (who are in the Czech Republic) and photos have been an essential part of feeling connected to them.

So, in a nutshell… I get it!

I know what it’s like to be pregnant with your first child,
and all of the hopes and dreams that come along with it.

I know what it’s like to be pregnant with your second child,
and wonder how you’ll make it through the newborn days with another kid around!

I’ve cradled my newborns in awe and wished they could stay that way forever.

And I’ve watched how quickly my babies have turned into young women – and have soaked up
all the joys and challenges of family life and parenthood along the way.

Why my clients choose me


I like to take care of my clients from beginning to end, so I never overbook and I’m there for you through the entire process. I know this is a special time, and you deserve a special experience.


Based on both my personal and professional background, I know what you’re going through! With a family of my own, I’ve raised two kids, and have supported countless other families as a labor and delivery nurse.


As you’ll see in my portfolio, my photography style is colorful, classic, and nostalgic. I lean more toward timeless than trendy because I want you and your family to enjoy these images for decades, or even generations, to come.


I believe life should be enjoyed and your session should be, too! During the easiest photo shoot ever, with my fun approach and gentle guidance, you will have an enjoyable experience full of real smiles and genuine connections.


Today we live in a digital world. But for my clients, there’s nothing like the joy of displaying high-quality printed products at home. I work with only the best professional photo labs, which use high quality, archival products, and I custom prepare each image for printing to ensure a perfect outcome.

I'VE BEEN A PHOTOGRAPHER FOR 11 YEARS When my first daughter was born, I wanted to record every single minute, every smile, and every toe of that precious little being. When my point-and-shoot didn’t give me the results I hoped for, I got an SLR film camera, took some classes, and it’s been an obsession ever since.

I INITIALLY LEARNED HOW TO SHOOT ON FILM. I learned the basics of photography before digital cameras were the norm. This means that I learned to shoot and print more intentionally; to be careful about light and composition because getting it right the first time was essential. Today, I don’t develop my photos in the dark room, but enjoy the process of editing digitally and love enhancing photos to achieve their highest artistic potential.

A few more details about me

Before I became a photographer, I WAS A LABOR AND DELIVERY NURSE FOR 6 YEARS, supporting countless families through their childbirth experiences. I loved working intimately with couples and families during one of the most important and moving times of their lives.

I'M ORIGINALLY FROM THE CZECH REPUBLIC, and moved to the U.S. 24 years ago after falling in love with my husband, who was in Europe with the Peace Corps. Photographs have been an essential part of keeping in touch with my parents and other family back in the Czech Republic, who I miss dearly.

I'VE LIVED IN ASHEVILLE SINCE 2008 and enjoy a fun, full life with my wonderful husband and two incredible daughters. When I’m not out taking photos, you can find me hiking and camping with my family, or curled up on the couch reading a book.