Asheville Maternity Photography | Heidi and Family

How about some Asheville Maternity Photography of Heidi and her family? Maternity photo sessions are truly one of my favorites!

It was a beautiful August evening when I met my friends Heidi, Todd and their sweet daughter for their maternity/family session. With permission we met on the inspirational property of Sacred Mountain Sanctuary (SMS) just outside of Asheville. SMS is a community consisting of small residential community, a school, biodynamic farm and a retreat facility nestled on protected mountain cove land.

To say it was an interesting maternity photo session full of adventure is an understatement. When we were done with the first part of our session and the sun moved lower in the sky, we hopped into our cars to transport ourselves to a different spot on this beautiful land, a part with some breathtaking views. In order to do that we had to go through some rough terrain. We also had to set foot into an area where all the local and allegedly friendly cows were grazing.

I soon discovered my Honda minivan has no chance at conquering the mountainous terrain. After a few fruitless attempts to go up, I had to park it. All this commotion very quickly attracted some very curious cows and we found ourselves surrounded. They seemed friendly indeed, but also so big! My clapping and hollering kept them at some distance for a while. I transferred into Todd and Heidi’s (thank goodness) four wheel drive and we were off. Our curious friends checked up on us a few more times during the rest of our session and we finished the session without any further major interlude.

When I retrieved my car, I discovered it too was subjected to a VERY CLOSE examination as evidenced by slobbery licks all over.


Here are some images from the session. Heidi’s ability to strike yoga poses while 9 months pregnant truly impresses me!

Maternity photo of a pregnant mom-to-be dong yoga by Asheville maternity photographer, Lenka Hattaway.Asheville maternity photography of a family expecting a baby.Maternity photo in Asheville, NC.Family and maternity photo in Asheville, NC.Expecting couple kissing with mountains in the background.Pregnant mom doing yoga with mountains in the background.Maternity photography in Asheville, NC. Beautiful mountain tops in the background.Pregnancy photo of mother-to-be and her daughter.Pregnant mom-to-be sitting peacefully, mountains behind her.

I am a Family Photographer in Asheville, NC specializing in photographing families as they grow and change. My areas of expertise are maternity photography, newborn photography, family and children photography.

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