• Welcome! I am an Asheville area custom portrait photographer specializing in fun filled, colorful and stylish maternity, newborn, children and family photography. With me you can relax and enjoy the moment and let me do all the work of capturing memories and creating art for your home. Art not just beautifying your walls and making your home more inviting, but reminding you each and every day of how much love can be found within those walls.

This adorable family came to Asheville for a week get-away from Pensacola, Florida. We chose the Botanical Gardens as our session spot with the lush greens and a creek running through. Imagine the gardens in mid July, a beautiful late afternoon, slightly hot and humid, but at least no mosquitos. At least I don’t recall any! Now imagine children squealing and tickling their parents and running off in all directions. I think they slept pretty well that night. I have thought of this family often since their session as I knew dad was leaving for Japan to be stationed there for two years! I can only imagine how difficult it must be for everyone to be able to see each other only via Skype.

Holding you in my thoughts, H family!

A family of six playing together at the Botanical Gradens, Asheville, NC.A family playing together ring around the roses.Four siblings walking together holding hands.A precious little girl sitting on grass and looking into the camera.A baby boy lying on back looking up at the camera.A red head girl in a yellow dress sitting on grass at the Botanical Gardens.A boy sitting criss cross applesauce.

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Hi there again!

As a family photographer my number one goal for you, my dear client, is to have fun during your family photo session. I want everyone to be themselves and relax. I fully realize that it is easier said than done. I really do! That is one of the reasons why I include in my services a pre-session consultation during which I want to learn more about you and your family. Are your children reserved and slow to warm up to strangers? That is completely OK and quite common, frankly, but I want to know. Do you feel worried they will not cooperate or will give me goofy fake smiles? Again, it happens often enough. No worries. Do you yourself feel awkward in front of the camera? Oh yes, I get that! I hate a camera pointed at me!  It helps me to know all these things ahead of time so I can take certain extra steps, but it also gives me the opportunity to reassure you and hopefully put you at ease well ahead of the time of your session.

This is a session done back in the summer while visiting back home, the Czech Republic. These lovely people are friend’s of my sister and I truly enjoyed getting to know them and working with them in this beautiful open field near Olomouc.

A family hugging and sitting together on grass surrounded by beautiful greenery.A girl sitting in green grass with yellow flowers.A sweet boy sitting in grass and smiling.
I love this shot so much. Please do make room to take photos of just the two of you. Down the road you will be so glad you did, believe me! .A sweet couple leaning onto each other.A family of four holding tight and hugging surrounded by beautiful green park.Couple standing close, holding each other and kissing.Lovely family holding hands in a circle.Father and son being playful by pretending being a plane.Father throwing his child, his girl, up in the air.

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Even if aspect ratio is an unfamiliar term to you, you are probably well aware of its effect. Has it ever happened to you that you had a photo with great framing and composition, decided to print it only to realize part of your image will be missing or even worse you are about to chop an arm? What is going on? Aspect ratio is to blame!

Aspect ratio (crop ratio) simply describes the relationship between the width and height of an image. It is the measurement of photograph’s long side to the short side. Most cameras produce photographs in a 3:2 aspect ratio. What it means is that the long side is 1.5 times longer than the short side. This ratio will produce a 4×6 print and larger sizes (8×12, 16×20) in the same ratio. But when we want to print the same photo in, let’s say, 8×10, which is a different ration (5:4), part of the photo will be cropped. Yes, a piece of the photo will be cut off. There is no way around that.

This is certainly something to be of aware when printing your own photos. Most labs (definitely the one I recommend to my clients who purchase digital files) allow you to preview and adjust your images for the desired crop without losing any limbs and heads.

Now, let’s look at some examples. Below you can see how different ratios relate to different crops of the same image. The original photo is in the 3:2 ratio.

An image explaining different cropping ratios.

Here are common crop ratios with corresponding print sizes.







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Raise your hand if you are ready for Spring. I know I am!! Even though I like to cozy up on my couch by the fire with a good book while the winter gales roar outside, I am equally ready again to enjoy the warm sunshine and hear the birds signing and my camera shutter clicking…
So, how about you and I getting together for a quick and “painless” photo session to update your family photos or quickly capture your child’s new milestone?
How about a SPRING MINI SESSION with me??!!

P.S. Spring mini sessions book very fast and there is a very limited number of spots, so please do not wait.
To hold your spot, full payment is due at the time of booking. Thank you!
Spring mini session announcement

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How about a share of my favorite images from last year? Here at Lenka Hattaway Photography 2016 has been such a great year. As an Asheville Family Photographer, I have thoroughly enjoyed the great privilege to record memories, life stages and milestones for you, my sweet clients. I cannot wait for what 2017 brings.

Lenka Hattaway Photography specializes in maternity, newborn, child and family photography.

Asheville Maternity Photographer | Asheville Newborn Photographer | Asheville Child Photographer | Asheville Family Photographer

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