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This year’s fall mini sessions at the Asheville Arboretum turned out to be quite interesting. The beautiful fall colors were teeming in the trees that weekend, but the weather, ugh, was uncooperative. On Friday evening a cold front decided to visit western North Carolina and the lovely weather which had been in charge was replaced with a wet cold mess. For the rest of the weekend, the weather didn’t improve. Unfortunately, and for one reason or another, two of the scheduled families were unable to reschedule their mini session. So, we had to make the most of it. We met at the Arboretum and proceeded to shoot in between the rain drops switching between scenes and peeking at the radar hoping for a break. They were fantastic! They braved the trying conditions and I’m betting you can’t tell of those images below which were ignoring the rain. This is to show you how even perceptually raw, uninviting conditions can’t ruin a shoot. When we have will, we find a way.

Fall family portrait at the Arboretum.A baby walking in front of his parents during their fall mini session at the Arboretum.A mom with her two girls holding tight in Asheville, NC.Fall shoot at the Arboretum.A close up of a boy in a blue sweater.Brothers standing back to back surrounded by fall colors at the Asheville Arboretum.Beautiful fall colors surrounding mom and her two girls.Fall portrait in Asheville, NC.Family portrait taken during Fall mini sessions at the Asheville Arboretum.

Here you can see last year’s Fall mini sessions.

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Over time a lot of my go-to locations for family and other sessions had been turned into schools, shopping plazas and other developments. This is why I am always looking for new interesting areas to use and the spot for the photos here is one such new location. It is a place I have been eyeing for quite some time now. It’s in Asheville and not necessarily a place many people would consider for their family photography session. As I always do, I test drove this new location with one of my girls and knew immediately I found a great one. The fall colors were in full bloom and the setting sun in the background along with the open sky in front provided the perfect light. A lot of great texture is always a welcome.

It was such a beautiful day for the A. family session, despite the wind picking up as the evening approached. Little Daphne was all smiles and in a very joyful mood. When cold, she cuddled even tighter with mom or dad who were only happy to cuddle back.

A family of three close together surrounded by beautiful colors taken by timeless Asheville family photographer Lenka Hattaway.Lovely family photos in Asheville. Mother and father both kissing their daughter.Family having fun swinging their daughter.Father holding his daughter while crouching down.Couple stadning together, woman standing behind the man and wrapping his hands around him.
Photo of dad kissing Daphne has become a tradition during their each photo session. Here is one from this shoot.
Father holding his daughter in his arms and kissing her on her cheek. Naturally lit photo in Asheville, NC.
A hug mom is always a good thing!
Mom nad her daughter hugging surrounded by greenery in a park setting in Asheville.A portrait of a little girl smiling at the camera.

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Another session at the Biltmore Estate! Besides the lovely gardens and the Biltmore house itself, I really enjoy the large open spaces the grounds have to offer. The areas with not so perfectly manicured grass and trees blocking the afternoon sun are the perfect stage for children to run free and have fun without bumping into crowds of people. They give me a lot of room to work with which is my preferred style.

I enjoyed playing with the B. family during their photo session. They were dancing, hugging and definitely doing a lot of tickling. They brought a lot of laughter into the Biltmore that evening!

Family photo by the lake at the Biltmore Estate by Timeless Asheville Family Photographer Lenka Hattaway. The Biltmore House is in teh background.A family posing during a family photo session at the Biltmore Estate.A sweet baby close up being held by her momA couple stadning close together, cheek to cheek, on the Biltmore Estate property.Mom and daughter holding hands and looking at each other on the lawn of the Biltmore Estate grounds.Two siblings, boy and a girl, dancing together by the lake of the Biltmore Estate, Asheville NC.Black and white close up photo of two sistersDad surrounded by his children sitting on a rock by the lake at Biltmore Estate in Asheville.

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Abby’s senior session took place at the Biltmore Estate during a beautiful summer day. I hit it off with her and her mom immediately and she was such a joy to work with! Fun, laid back and we definitely shared some laughs and the evening went by very fast. We started at the blossoming gardens and worked our way up to the grand house where Abby’s mom asked some tourists to move out of the way for a few shots. LOL! They were very nice about it and saved me some photoshop work. Thank you! We stopped on the bridge below the gardens and when the sun was about to set we made our last stop by the sunflower field. We simply could have not passed that one up. I have shot many times at the Biltmore Estates this past year and do enjoy all the different possibilities of great locations within the extensive grounds.

Hope you enjoy these!


A high school senior girl leaning against a column at Biltmore Estate in Asheville.A beautiful senior photographed on the lawn of Biltmore Estate during her senior session.


This one was the last series of shots of the evening, among the sun flowers.
A young woman standing among sunflowers, the sun setting behind.Woman sits on grass during her senior photo session at the Biltmore Estate.A lovely young woman standing by railing of the Biltmore House.A high school senior portrait of a lovely girl being propped up on a brick bridge railing.

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This adorable family came to Asheville for a week get-away from Pensacola, Florida. We chose the Botanical Gardens as our session spot with the lush greens and a creek running through. Imagine the gardens in mid July, a beautiful late afternoon, slightly hot and humid, but at least no mosquitos. At least I don’t recall any! Now imagine children squealing and tickling their parents and running off in all directions. I think they slept pretty well that night. I have thought of this family often since their session as I knew dad was leaving for Japan to be stationed there for two years! I can only imagine how difficult it must be for everyone to be able to see each other only via Skype.

Holding you in my thoughts, H family!

A family of six playing together at the Botanical Gradens, Asheville, NC.A family playing together ring around the roses.Four siblings walking together holding hands.A precious little girl sitting on grass and looking into the camera.A baby boy lying on back looking up at the camera.A red head girl in a yellow dress sitting on grass at the Botanical Gardens.A boy sitting criss cross applesauce.

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